V-clone-website | clone website ? is it possible?

i 10 years use VestaCP, i read about fork My Vesta, and i check hestiaCP, its all similiar, but 1 /hestia ,2/myVesta forks are security better than VestaCP i see

I have question, is possible clone on one server website ? " Migration tool that will copy whole site from one (sub)domain to another (sub)domain (on the same server), changing URL in database (it’s careful with serialized arrays in database)."

Its possibe put same code in hestia : vesta/v-clone-website at master · myvesta/vesta · GitHub and make run ? IDK…
implement in hestia? IDK
But i have so many little time for this…ah… Thanks

probaly just search and replace vesta with hestia and it could work.

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You need to copy / replace

As well…

And when you are done please submit a PR :slight_smile:


Thanks so i will testing and submit my experience :slight_smile: thanks .