V-generate-api-key response speed and support

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In this thread, you wrote that support for v-generate-api-key will soon be discontinued and we should not use it in our applications. While some billing systems offer server access hash authorization, I found your post and would like to clarify. Usually, in other systems, authorization by server access hash is many times faster, so developers try to use server access hash. Please tell me, is there a difference in the speed of the server response when authorization occurs by username and password, and when authorization occurs by server access hash in HestiaCP API?


There is no difference with the use of username / password or old api key vs access_key:secret_key.

Only major difference is the username / password and api key can be used by the admin and give full system access even though the application doesn’t require it.

New API has the ability to limit the api usage to only for example DNS cluster or “Billing” where it can create user / delete users and so on or even allow UserY to limit only purge cache of a web domain