V-rebuild-users not rebuilding web?


I’m not sure when this happened - but v-rebuild-users doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Is there anywhere I can see debugging to see what’s going on? I need it to rebuild the web templates, and this works fine:

v-rebuild-web-domain teardrop teardropsurfboards.co.uk

UPDATE: So looking at system.log, I can see it run:

2022-03-08 07:35:03 v-update-user-counters  'teardrop'
2022-03-08 07:35:03 v-update-user-stats  'teardrop'
2022-03-08 07:35:03 v-rebuild-user  'teardrop' ''

Manually running:

v-rebuild-user  'teardrop' 

2022-03-08 07:35:25 v-update-user-counters  'teardrop'
2022-03-08 07:35:25 v-update-user-stats  'teardrop'
2022-03-08 07:35:25 v-rebuild-user  'teardrop'

…but no mention of v-rebuild-web-domain ? (which would explain why its not actually rebuilding the .conf I guess)



I don’t think it never ran before. You can best run v-rebuild-webdomains user

Oh weird - I’m sure it did. I’m running this in my perl script:


I really need a way to run it over all the users - is there an easy way to do this? Maybe a bash script that lists the users, and then invoked v-rebuild-webdomains for each of the users?


BTW - that doesn’t seem to be a valid command?

v-rebuild-webdomains teardrop
v-rebuild-webdomains: command not found


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This should help…

Awesome, thanks! So for anyone who comes across this in the future, this should do the trick:

source /etc/hestiacp/hestia.conf
source $HESTIA/func/main.sh

for user in $($BIN/v-list-users plain | cut -f1 ); do
    echo "Doing user: $user"
    $BIN/v-rebuild-web-domains $user

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