V-restore-user command not found

пытаюсь восстановить пользователя VestaCP в новой панели Hestia по ssh из под root:

v-restore-user admin admin.2021-02-21_23-34-23.tar

Выдает ошибку:
v-restore-user: command not found

В чем проблема?


sudo v-restore-user admin admin.2021-02-21_23-34-23.tar

Пожалуйста, пиши по-английски

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Use the full path





I have added:


to .bash_profile


if [ "${PATH#*/usr/local/hestia/bin*}" = "$PATH" ]; then
. /etc/profile.d/hestia.sh

to .profile

How about we add $HESTIA/bin to the path automatically upon install? I think that the vast majority of users will have to do it one way or the other. So we will all save time and people like me who are less experienced will have an easier first experience.

It happens when you install hestia with sudo and run the command as root. Or sudo into the root user from the other user.

Does it? Maybe not in Debian? (but this is off-topic)

вот это помогло!