V-restore-user fails with [Error 3]

My server Debian 9:
Apache + Nginx + phpfmp + multiphp.

Restore from user (not admin)
I had already used the restore a few months ago. Yesterday (Hestiacp 1.2.4) I had to perform a restore but it was never done.

I have this log error:
v-restore-user ‘[USER]’ ‘[BACKUP-FILE].tar’ [Error 3]

I read the github and applied the restore with this step

What steps did you take when the issue occured?

  1. Place backup file in /backup folder
  2. Change owner to admin:admin
  3. Run v-restore user [USER] [BACKUP]

Now, how I can got to solve this problem in the future ?

Hi @flanders

Just splitted your thread because it isnt related to the other one, please create a new thread instead reviving a old one :slight_smile:.

Error 3, according to the api feedback, means “object doesnt exist” -> https://docs.hestiacp.com/admin_docs/rest_api.html#return-codes

Without further debug, I can’t say where the issue could be. You always have the option to unpack the backup and restore the parts step by step.

my error log…those errors are continuing

2020-10-23 13:55:01 v-restore-user ‘USER’ ‘USER.2020-07-18_05-26-48.tar’ ‘no’ ‘no’ ‘no’ ‘DATABASE’ ‘no’ ‘no’ ‘yes’ [Error 3]
2020-10-23 13:56:35 v-schedule-user-restore ‘USER’ ‘USER.2020-10-22_05-16-14.tar’ ‘DOMAIN’ ‘no’ ‘no’ ‘no’ ‘no’ ‘no’ [Error 4]

it is the first time…after the upgrade to 1.2.4 version