V-update-web-domain-stat Error 3 for deleted domains

I’ve deleted some old domains from the server via Hestia CP, but now I can see in hestia error log: v-update-web-domain-stat ‘user’ ‘deleteddomain’ [Error 3]

I have other scripts (v-list-dns-records, v-list-dns-domain) logged with Error 3 too. What does this error mean?

Not exists …


And why v-update-web-domain-stat want to update deleted domains? I mean, something left not deleted… Tell me please, what shoud I clean manually?

Check /usr/local/hestia/data/queue/webstats.pipe

I wonder why it is not deleted on call of deleting of domain

Yes, they are left in webstats.pipe.

Want to correct, I didn’t delete those domains, I renamed them using v-change-web-domain-name. webstats.pipe have both old and new domain names.
So have a look at v-change-web-domain-name

That might be the issue then…