V1.1.0 Templates - Where are they now?

I noticed that Templates were trimmed down to just 1-single template, which is default

What happens to the other? I can usually copy any of the apache web template and tweak to my liking.

My reason for find those is to tweak the php_admin_value - specifically the hosting.s/tpl template.

Hosting templates are still in: /usr/local/hestia/data/templates/web/apache2 but not selectable in admin dashboard under Web TemplateAPACHE2

Another question is - how could I change the post_max and upload_max values? Should I edit the main php.ini file for each php version?

System: Ubuntu 18.04

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Depends to your used setup.

Also based on your setup, mostly just edit the default files located in /etc/php/[VERSION]/fpm/php.ini.

With that said, what type of setup to get these option under Web Template section?

I tried the default installer and also tried installing with the option to enable phpfpm. Both with same result - only default template shows up under Web Template.

I read the change log for 1.1.0 and does not talk about this one.

Also, I tried the upgrade route and the result is:
Web Template shows; default, hosting, phpcgi, phpfcgid.
And that is what I want to achieve - show those templates, which is not showing in version 1.1.0.

The same problem. I copy my template files in
/usr/local/hestia/data/templates/web/nginx/ , /usr/local/hestia/data/templates/web/apache2/
but my templates files not selectable.
I use standard setup:

bash hst-install.sh --port 1500 --multiphp yes

How I can use my own template files?

Templates location:

  1. Nginx Standalone with php-fpm backend (or multiphp):

  2. Nginx as proxy for apache2

  3. Apache with php-fpm backend or multiphp:

  4. Apache with built-in php:

  5. php-fpm or multiphp templates:

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In my case - this solves my problem. This is my current setup and actually saw that directory php-fpm but did not bother to check it out.

So, just copied the .s/tpl files to that directory and bam! Done.

Hi, where should they be copied?
There are many templates in these directories, but in the panel I cannot select them for apache! How can I make them available in the panel of version 1.2.3 of ubuntu 20.04?

@dao please see above…

depending on your installation type you might be looking at the wrong spot.

to create your custom template simply duplicate one inside the correct folder to another name and edit that.

just before someone comes up with that idea: trying to use existing templates from a different install type and directory obviously won’t work just by copying them into the one you might need.

For example, there are several template files in this directory, but only one (default) can be selected in the panel. I would like to understand how to make all temlates visible in the panel?

I guess you installed apache2 with multi-php. then these templates are not used anymore, because they all need php as prefork module but multiphp is using php-fpm.

therefore all available templates for the multiphp install are in


and that’s where you would need to create your custom one as well. after cloning and renaming both .tpl and .stpl the name should appear in the control panel automatically. as said above the templates from the other folder will not work in there.

the templates in the folder you are looking at are mainly there for compatibility reason, as a lot of older system still might use mod_php instead of fpm. to use them, you would need to reinstall hestia and choose apache2 without multi-php but enable mod_php… sorry, no easy way.

maybe rethink about why you think one of these templates could help you and approach from a different angle. maybe the app you want to install does not need a specific template anymore at all?

PS: closing up here to not write everything two times and it’s an old topic anyway :wink: