V1.3.4 & phpMyAdmin update

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I read on the v1.3.4 release notes, that phpMyAdmin would be upgraded to v5.1.0. I did some checks on some of my Hestia installations, but they’re still using various older versions, although they’re running Hestia v1.3.4.

I also tried running apt update && apt upgrade as suggested in the pinned post, but I still have the same results (phpMyAdmin version different than v5.1.0).

The way I’m checking the phpMyAdmin version is by visiting a website/phpmyadmin (e.g. example.com/phpmyadmin) or by visiting the ServerFQDN/phpmyadmin. After logging in, I see the version number to the right side like this:
(the screenshot is from a Hestia installation on Ubuntu 20.04 (x86_64), nginx/apache2/multiphp).

Is there something more I need to do to get the phpMyAdmin update?

There was a mistake, either in the changelog or upgrade script - the pma upgrade key was set to false:

So it didnt upgraded it. Currently not sure how to trigger it properly manualy, maybe @kristankenney or @eris can lead you to it.

You can’t Suggest wait until 1.4

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Thank you both for your replies. OK, I’ll just wait :+1:

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