Version 1.2.0 is now available!

Hello everyone,

We’re proud to announce that after an additional round of testing and validation, Hestia Control Panel v1.2.0 is officially available!

This release brings official support for Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS, the long awaited File Manager functionality, the ability to define IP lists in the firewall, and many bug and security fixes and improvements since v1.1.1/v.1.1.2.

New installs: Follow the instructions here:
Upgrades: run apt update && apt upgrade from a terminal.


For users running a pre-release build of v1.2.0, please run the following command to bring your system up-to-date with the final release:

apt update && apt install --reinstall hestia

If you run into any issues with this version we ask that you please open an issue report on GitHub.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the new release,
The Hestia Control Panel development team