Very long user recovery v-restore-user

I restore the VestaCP user who has about 2000 sites. Recovery takes a very long time. It takes about 3-5 seconds for each site. Why is it taking so long?

Could be all, the performance of your server, the size of the web domain data and so on. There is nothing we can say about it with more informations.

my server is quite powerful: 128GB memory, 40 processor cores, NVME. Each weighs very little - a maximum of 10 kb of php code and that’s it.

Also, 5 months later, it doesnt change the situation:

Ever added sites restart Nginx + apache2 + php-fpm. Probably the reason why it takes so long

It would be nice if nginx, apach2 and php were restarted only one time - at the end.