Vestacp backups to Hestia

I can use Vestacp Backups to pass them to the hestia

Yes, Hestia can restore vesta backups.

can you tech me after i download backup from my vesta how i can restore on hestia please step by steps, i have 1.1GB of bakup.
if i have running one site on my new hestia and import backup not delete my current sites loaded on hestia right?.


the process for restoring a backup is the same as it was with vesta.

  • place your backup file in the /backup folder and run v-restore-user [user] [file]

if the user does not exist, it will be created. if the user already exists it will be overwritten!
so you want to make sure to not restore it to the same user you are already using/running on that system, but a different name if you want to keep your current sites.