Vestacp backups to Hestia

I can use Vestacp Backups to pass them to the hestia

Yes, Hestia can restore vesta backups.

can you tech me after i download backup from my vesta how i can restore on hestia please step by steps, i have 1.1GB of bakup.
if i have running one site on my new hestia and import backup not delete my current sites loaded on hestia right?.


the process for restoring a backup is the same as it was with vesta.

  • place your backup file in the /backup folder and run v-restore-user [user] [file]

if the user does not exist, it will be created. if the user already exists it will be overwritten!
so you want to make sure to not restore it to the same user you are already using/running on that system, but a different name if you want to keep your current sites.

I’m a long time user of VestaCP and just trying to move my sites to HestiaCP. I think there are several areas to improve the user experience and adoption. I’ve been trying to setup and move my sites all morning.

And I came across this thread, bc I was confused why there was no backup folder created by default. Why not? I think the installer should create this folder to avoid any confusion on where to place the backup file. Many users are going to be coming from VestaCP, so they will surely be migrating user backups.
I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just ran a backup on the new HestiaCP server user I created and it made the backup folder for me. Then I knew I could place the file there. I think this folder should be created by default by the installer script. Please consider.

I agree this could be a bit confusing and the folder could be created during install. but there are also scenarios where you might benefit from it not being there already. e.g. you have only a small root partition and want to create a link or bind mount or whatever manually…

Though, I am pretty sure it was created during install for quite some time - but can’t remember when or why it got lost. :thinking: the first run of the nightly backup routine would create it anyway. :man_shrugging:

we’ll probably discuss internally and check if there was a valid reason to not have it created from the start and eventually bring it back. thanks for your feedback!

PS: our focus is not backwards compatibility or an easy migration path off of Vesta anymore anyway. just saying… for that it’s at least one year too late already.

while we understand that people might consider or wish for HestiaCP being a dropin replacement, we probably must clarify more that we might follow a different approach in some parts and therefore most likely are not always a good fit for every ex-Vesta user :wink:

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Thanks falzo! Appreciate the detailed response. I guess I’m a bit late to the party. I only get a few weeks a year where I can work on my websites and now is the time I am looking to make improvements and I just realized how much the VestaCP project has been abandoned. So trying to move over everything right now.

Btw, quick question for you. I was able to successfully import the backup, but I notice something strange with the IP addresses loaded into HestiaCP panel. Under the IP address dropdown for each of my websites, there appears two IP addresses I’m not familiar with. One of them, is the servers IP, but there are two other ones which is and Are these thrown in by default, is there any reason for this, and can I ignore them? These look to be internal IP addresses, just curious why they are added.

Probably your server has multiple private addresses, you can check with:
ip -br -c address

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Thanks Lupu!

That command was helpful. Yes, hmmm, very strange. It seems the new digitalocean droplets have an additional network device, which my original one did not. I did check on the old droplet though, and I noticed that it also has a private IP address attached, but this does not show up in the vestaCP dropdown list when I edit the domains. I guess that’s why I never noticed it. It seems VestaCP filters out those private addresses.

Okay, so I can just safely ignore those IP addresses in the dropdown list on the HestiaCP panel?


Nope, Vesta does not filter them either, most likely you have removed them during your last install or Digital Ocean didn’t assign other private ip’s on their droplets at that point.

Vesta code reference:

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Thanks Lupu!