Virtualization or dedicated server

Good morning guys, I have a Dell Power Edge T410 server with 112 Ram and 8 TB of SAS and two quadcore processes, I have a question, should I do a complete installation on it or create virtual machines and split up several servers?

It depends …

What your needs are…

1 server is less updates

Multiple VM has other advantages …

For Hestia it doesn’t matter unless you only have 1 ipv4 adress …

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I have 6 public ips

It doesn’t really matter

I am using both Virtualisation and dedicated hard ware and so far my experience it works both fine. With Proxmox at least VMS restart a lot faster …

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My intention would also be this in virtual machines from the experience I had, everything seems to work faster…
Do you think it’s worth installing a Windows Server and creating a VM for Hestia? I believe it would optimize resources and not the entire machine, what do you think?

I never used Windows server so experience with that …

Use my self Proxmox

I’ve never used or heard of this proxnox, could you talk privately? If yes here is my number 5511962285612

I went to the website here and saw it looks very good… do you run your hestia on it through a MV? add my number on whatsapp so you can give me some tips

I don’t provide support via Whatsapp / DM / What ever it takes me to much time…

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I understand

If your already familiar with VMs, Proxmox isn’t hard to figure out. Eris turned me on to it also when I got my current server. They have a helpful forum also.

I also went with Proxmox.

  • Easy to manage
  • Gives you the option to use multiple VM’s and/or containers on the server if you want.
    This way, you could play with a test environment safely, for example.
  • Migrating and/or restoring from a backup is way faster.

To quick start your Proxmox adventure, I would also recommend the Proxmox helper scrips from ttack (Proxmox VE Helper-Scripts | Scripts for Streamlining Your Homelab with Proxmox VE)
He is actively making scripts that can install an application LXC fast and easy.

Hope this helps you.