Vue3 or React frontend?

Hi, I notice Vesta has an emerging React frontend which seems to perform really well. Are there any plans for Hestia to adopt a similar approach?

A rewrite based on laravel or similar php framework is planed, but there is not enough devtime available to work on it - there is also no eta, probaly IPv6 will be more important.

So would something like this as a foundation be… interesting?

I am looking for a Vue3 frontend hosting project with a PHP backend. Laravel is a bit heavy duty, but it is a widely adopted framework.

Don’t for get we don’t use sql as an backend. So login / lost password need al an custom layer over it …

It is soon faster to start from scratch

I have to admit I have not actually installed and tested either Hestia or Vesta, but I just assumed all the user and service data was stored in a SQL database. I guess it would be best to start from scratch and use Hestia/Vesta as a functional guide.

I’ve been testing a couple of more or less abandoned billing systems which could do with the same treatment, then a parallel step would be a provisioning backend with an admin/user control panel.

If you want to go with full PHP based backend: is probably an easier way it has all-ready a full php backend and doesn’t use bash like we do.

Good point about Froxlor but I am more than happy using bash scripts for the actual day to day provisioning of users and services and that’s where Hestia shines. A frontend, particularly Vue/React based, needs to talk to an API backend and that’s where PHP comes into it. I just don’t want to have to use a “native” Nodejs backend for production servers.

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