Web deleted accidentally

i just try repair backups don’t working in virtual machine, and accidentally i delete web and don’t have backups :upside_down_face:

nothing to do?

Not really, gone is gone - expect you have some IT forensic skills in data recovery :slight_smile:.


If you have a vps, maybe your vendor has a recent backup of the full disk.

Try cloning from way back machine or google cache.

When I develop a website for my clients I always extract a sql dump and a copy of the wp-content in that moment.

You may also use plugins such as wp time capsule to store daily incremental backups. I have had it working for a year and restoring yesterday’s backup is one of my favourite methods to solve unidentified issues fast.


if you only deleted the web domain, the sql database should still be there (if there was any) as well as mails. before rushing into anything, you want to check that and make backups from what is left over.

if you deleted the whole user, that’s a bigger problem…

did you check the /backup folder? old backups do not get removed from there when deleting a web domain or user.

other than that there is not much you can do… see @jlguerrero suggestion, maybe your vps provider has something to help you with, but be careful, if you have other stuff on that VM as it would get overwritten completely…

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Thank you very much for your answer.

As you say, I only removed the presto installation but not the emails or the database.
The great luck is that I had a backup of the user that I could upload and although it was from the beginning I connected the database that I did not delete and it worked for me, I only had to upload some images. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your answer friend :slightly_smiling_face:

Because of bad past experiences, I don’t usually make these kinds of mistakes.

Yesterday it was a bit thick and I failed, although fortunately by not deleting the database with an old backup at the beginning I was able to connect it and recover the complete installation of prestashop :sweat_smile:

english please…

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sorry my friend :upside_down_face:
i just edited my reply in english.

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