Web Domain without DNS Zone

Hey guys,

Forgive my ignorance as I’m still learning about websites and managing my own web server on top of it, sorry if this was previous asked as I can’t find anything regarding my question.

I have HestiaCP installed on a server and ready to rock in roll.

I intend on using Cloudflare to handle the DNS side of things so when creating a web domain in HestiaCP, I see that I can create one without a DNS Zone.

Would this be the appropriate path or is it still recommended to create a DNS zone for my web domains at the server level even if I intend on using Cloudflare for my DNS?

I plan on having email addresses as well with the web domains, if that matters.

Thanks for the help guys and I really love your web panel so far!

Yes you can create a web domain without DNS zone. It is the best way.


Awesome thanks man!