Web/Mail/DB list for Hestia admins

Seems that admins cannot see all actually active Web/Mail/DB entries. Only users are counted (I mean: I have “n” users, and panel just reports “n” as active users). Of course admins can access Hestia as users, but it would be better if they could also see how many websites, mail domains and DBs are in place inside the server they control. So it this a bug or is it perhaps a feature?

Checkout statistics: https://demo.hestiacp.com:8083/list/stats/

Yep, I see them there, but not in header zone. As you can see, as me being logged as admin, I see:

  • 1 (web) domains (there are 2, and that one is server’s FQDN)
  • 0 (mail) domains (there is 1, dealing with another user)
  • 0 DB (there is 1, dealing with a WordPress install, belonging to that other user).
    Again: is this expected? Thanks!

Yes, this is expected - it displays the admin user usage.

Thanks, bro.It was probably the same also under VestaCP. In that case I might have added a new domain under the “admin” user, not having been warned - as HestiaCP actually does - that it would have been better defining an unprivileged user for such a purpose. In the end still remains a let’s call it feature request: having all domains being listed for admins, for a complete/detailed look (or at least implementing an internal search engine). Thanks again for having replied. All the best, e.-

Currently we do not plan to implement such a function to the existing interface. This behaviour could be changed while we anyway want to rewrite the interface to a current standard with a php framework.

Very nice, indeed. Do you offer also professional server management services? For example: monthly subscriptions for any technical related issue with HestiaCP powered VPS/dedicated? For example people at CyberPanel (OpenLiteSpeed) do that. And as long as I’m actually using CyberPanel for some VPS, I’d like to migrate those accounts into HestiaCP, but constant (both reactive and proactive) support would be a plus to me. Thanks, e.- (and sorry for the off-topic question)

We don’t provide currently any paid under the “Hestia”

How ever I am able to provide please DM for any details…

We don’t actually need support for any specific task, right now. But we might be interested in the future, when some client of ours would be possibly shifted into a fully HestiaCP production server. Paying “n” times 300+ cPanel licenses is becoming worst as time passes. Of course there would be needed a lot of migrations, which are time consuming, if manually made. Any scheduled project for implementing a “from cPanel” migration/import tool for HestiaCP? It would be a great goal, IMHO. Please also advise on how DM you, as I cannot figure it out… Thanks, e.-

Search results for 'cpanel migration' - Hestia Control Panel - Discourse :wink:

Ok, sure. So far the best resource I’ve found it this migration script (which I did not test/revise yet): https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/blob/c87c0d4af81f9c53f30fb75a746053f9bc1c47c8/bin/v-restore-user-cpanel Thanks for suggestions! Cheers, e.-

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