Web Mail Problem

Hello, one of my customers has the site at Hestia hosting, I have created 3 mailboxes but if I press the button: view mail or insert the link: http: //webmail.ingridincisa.com which is written in the parameters of the mail gives me an error , how can I enter the mails?
thanks it is very urgent
I am attaching photos of the error

DNS records for the domain are missing

[email protected] ~ % nslookup webmail.ingridincisa.com

** server can’t find webmail.ingridincisa.com: NXDOMAIN

Thanks for the answer, what should I do to fix them?

add a valid dns record :slight_smile:

ok, I created the dns related to this new domain, what else should I do? sorry but I have worked with many hosting but never with this one

You are using Cloudflare so you need to update the records over there

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