Web redirection / Caps letter

Hello Guys.
I would like to do a web redirection for a domain i manage DNS on hestiacp.
So i have created a cname.
but 2 issues :

  • the final rediction has small and caps letters in the web adress, but hestiacp does not distinguish them. all become small letters and no more caps ones
  • the redirection does not work. whereas no other issue with this domain and DNS configuration (e-mail and website work well

Thank you for any advice

i made another test by creating a web subdomain in “web” tab, then activate web redirection. but still not working.

the final should be https://hub.domain.re/p/scheduler/zsjBWgnYgWx7mJYxy
but once, i validate this web redirection form, the final address change to
https://hub.domain.re/p/scheduler/zsjbwgnygwx7mjyxy/ (no caps)

I agree with you. This is a bug.

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