Web Templates combo

Is it possible to set such combo for user:

Nginx template X + PHP-FPM
Apache template X + PHP-FPM

I mean, exclude Apache or Nginx in relevant case. It seems “default” apache template is required and user can’t deselect it if he wants only Nginx + PHP-FPM combo.

No …

Unless you make you proxy template the same Nginx-php fpm template it should work fine how ever you need to manually change the templates and make them suitable…

One more question related to templates: if I set PHP-FPM version (ex. 8.2) via Apache template, does this render PHP backend selection void? Or is it PHP backend selection overcome Apache template settings? I don’t understand Apache and PHP backend difference. Looking at myVesta project where dude has PHP-FPM configs directly in apache template. Sounds reasonable.

We have support for any php version that you want to use. MyVesta only support 1 version by default for Apache2…

If you set it up via Apache2 I don’t know if hestia create the pool files by default…

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No, it does not create pool files.

Documentation is not clear about triada: Apache, Nginx and PHP templates.

What does each template do? For example:

Proxy Template: Hosting


Proxy Template: suspended

Proxy Template: Hosting
Is simalar to the default it only add some checks

Suspend will suspend the website in the past when a website is suspended it would stilll work if you used template to docker or nodejs… This was not desired so this will disable the website completely…

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So, in most scenarios I would just create more PHP and Proxy templates for X task? Apache default seems universal.

For Nginx / Proxy the default seems to be more than enough unless you need more power full features like caching and even then default templates are more than enough. Use it aswell for high usage websites …

For PHP-FPM the same unless you want to expand / limit the server resources…

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I try to think from user perspective. If I have Wordpress website, can I improve / tailor made configs to squezee max performance within given limits. Thank you eris, you helped me a lot to understand internal of Hestia.

One more question:

There is folder with tons of templates, which seems pre-mades:


Does these templates could be copy/pasted to /usr/local/hestia/data/templates/web/nginx ?

No you can’t unless you make a lot of changes also .htaccess provide a lot of costumazation more then nginx can offer

hello @culibine I want to use Nginx webserver on hestiaCP, why find any easy solution? if yes please send and explain here

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