Webmail + cloudflare and SMTP website

Hello .

I just installed hestiacp on my aws server cloud and i use cloudflare. I use it as an smtp server sendinblue.
I can send emails from webmail, but I don’t receive emails back.
my cloudflare dns

What exactly did I do wrong?

It is missing mail.domain.com and it should be DNS only


I add and its the same…no work.

What is the domain you are using?

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RSA_PSS_RSAE_SHA256__AES_256_GCM:256 CV=no: SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:[email protected]: 550-Rejected because xxxxx is in a black list at zen.spamhaus.org\n550 Error: open resolver; DNSBL Error Code - Open/public resolver - The Spamhaus Project



To remove spamhaus from the “dns blocklist”

sed -i "/zen.spamhaus.org/d" /etc/exim4/dnsbl.conf
systemctl restart exim4

Work <3
thanks you so much .


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