Webmail.domain and mail.domain config for nginx

As I understand it, when I tag a domain for “also use email”, hestia auto creates nginx conf for https://webmail.domain and https://mail.domain and points both to the user-prefered webmail package.
What do I do to prevent it to create the mail. alias for nginx, and have it only create the webmail vhost?
(This because I already often create a separate WEB mail.domain server for nginx, which now conflicts with the alias for webmail.domain…)
Can I just remove the mail alias somewhere in a template? If so, which one?
And does that change survive hestiacp updates?

I don’t know even if it is possible as mail.domain.com needs to be present for letsencrypt ssl….

If it is for Squirlemail I have explained in the past how it can be done with the most flexible way so it is selectable in the mail domain webmail select boxes.

Sure, but that does not differentiate the two aliases. Either you use both
webmail and mail as subdomains for one webmail-package of choice, or you don’t.
What if I want to use webmail for roundcube, and mail for squirrel?

Then you probaly have to review the code and find a way to solve it. We can’t provide a guide to do it → GitHub - hestiacp/hestiacp: Hestia Control Panel | A lightweight and powerful control panel for the modern web.

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In settings:

Set it to mail

and use webmail.domain.com for squirrelle mail.

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Problem solved…

? I already have that set as such. It also created the mail.domain alias for nginx’ webmail conf file.
Indeed, I did not expect that either…

It should delete the old config Giles first:

And create a new one

listen      xxxxx:80;
server_name mail.xxx.xxx;
root        /var/lib/roundcube;
index       index.php index.html index.htm;

And so on.

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This does not yield an nginx.ssl.conf with only the YourtrickyURLhere subdomain…
v-change-sys-webmail webmail
generates a conf with both webmail.domain and mail.domain.

v-change-sys-webmail mail

Should work fine…

mail.domain.com is always created as it is also used for dovecot and so on…