Webmail domain is not showing and SSL is not working

I have small vps 1 vcpu 1gb ram, I installed Hestia for mail server, during installation i skipped mysql because i dont need roundcube, and keep ram free, now i am facing mail & webmail domain ssl issue, see pic 1, problem is i cant issue ssl, see pic 2. i think that’s because there is no webmail domain, now how can i exclude webmail domain from SSL.

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 01-06-40 MAIL - svr2.hasalat.com - Hestia Control Panel

You don’t have subdomain set for webmail

Yes, i don’t have subdomain, and don’t want to, also no option in mail server setting to add subdomain, see pic
I want to exclude that domain from SSL request.

Do you have dovecot installed?

Yes, dovecot, exim both are installed

recreate the domain and dns zone, it helped me, look at the beginning of your entry in the blue message window, the address is incorrect, it should not start with a dot…

eric, this is a bug when creating a domain and checking the user mail server box, dns records seem to be correct, but when you try to install ssl on the mail account, you get an error 400 that there is no way to issue a certificate for the .domen.com as can be seen in the screenshot in the blue window
I came across it myself recently, the installation took place on a clean OS

Strange it should look like:

yes, this happen when install with sql, if you skip database during install it will not show Webmail Alias.