Webmail error on page

I installed, trying to go to domain / webmail, but I get an error on the page
Unable to connect to the database!
Please contact your server-administrator.

Please share more informations, we would need at least your OS and Version, used install string and hosting provider / environment.

I have a OS Ubuntu server 18.04 by VM VirtualBox, Hestia v. 0.9.8 (amd64)
I can give you access to the panel, if need.
Install script hst-install.sh

How delete Hestia from ubuntu and install again?

You can’t delete hestia, you could try to force reinstall using the --force switch.

It looks like roundcube has no access to the own database, but I can’t reproduce the issue here on a reference system. Can you check if the roundcube database is there and active?

error in new install on clear system

I can’t check database, access denied for user , but password is correct

Maybe something needs to be corrected in the configuration? But where exactly?

looks like you’ve already found a solution, due to your other posts, can you share it?

Yes, I found a solution.

  1. Installation must be done under the account ROOT and then the problem with webmail disappears and there are no errors during installation
  2. To log in to phpadmin after installation, it doesn’t allow a root account, I went under the debian-sys-maint account, which was in this file /etc/mysql/ debian.cnf