Webmail not working Something went wrong

Hello guys, I jsut migrated my hestia installation to a new vps and everythign seemed that went allright until i tried to log into the webmail where i am getting this error. exim4 is running and so are all the rest of the services so i am not really sure what is going on

Should we guess the error?

there is no errors in the hestia log page, website is running so is the hestia control panel. Just the webmail is down and also i notused this from the hestia mail page
Screenshot 2024-03-02 002910
and this are all the running services

Is there anything specific you feel like i should check?^

i was able to fix it and get roundcube working by following this beautiful post: Webmail Error (Oops… something went wrong!) - #8 by sahsanu

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