Webmail Success Page

Ubuntu 20.04 | Nginx | Hestia 15.0.11

Mine doesn’t seem like a Hestia problem but I am trying for hours now and couldn’t solve the problem.

I have my site on a VPS at digitalocean. So the DNS is handled there. I added the MX and A records to point to my Hestia Install which is on a different IP (domain MX (except the A record for the main domain), A and MX for webmail, mail).

The problem is all my sites on Hestia can access the roundcube webmail without an issue except the one that I have to host separately but need to point for email to Hestia. It lands to the success page only and whatever I tried couldn’t figure how to make it land to the roundcube login page.

I would appreciate any help on where I could making a mistake. Thank you.

Make sure you have added domain.com as mail domain

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