Webmail without Bind (DNS)

is it Possible to Using Webmail without installing Bind (DNS)?
I’m unable to using my Webmail, unable to install SSL in Webmail Domain…

please suggest me

I will Reinstall my Marchine now please help me to Setup my HestiaCP for nginX, Mail & DNS.
i’ve using Contabo - 6 cores, 16 GB RAM & 200GB nvme disk
is this installing perfect for me??

bash hst-install.sh --port 2083 --hostname hostname1 --email ********** --password *********** --apache no --clamav no --spamassassin no --force

Please suggest me, i’ve 10 Static website 3 Wordpress Website, 7 Laravel Project, 5 normal php Project

Yes, you don’t need to install bind with Hestia BUT you need dns servers for your domain (provided by your domain’s registrar or a third party like Cloudflare, etc.).

Maybe it is and issue with perms, take a look to this post:

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I’ve Reinstall my Server, is “spamassassin” need for email spam detect or check?

You should have the same issues with webmail permissions so take a look to the link I posted above.

Yes, it is.


Thanks for you Support… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

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