WebSite Crashed and Down : No folder visible in "Public HTML" from Hestia File Manager

Hello everyone.

My Worpdress website crashed due to a bad plugin update . I cannot access the wordpress folder from the Hestia file manager. The “Public HTML” folder only displays the “index.html” and “Robots.txt” files.

I think I made a rookie mistake that causes cascading problems. My mistake was to follow identically a Youtube video on adding my website to a Hestia panel. “HestiaCP with Cloudflare - from IdeaSpot”
Indeed “the famous” Youtuber to add the website with the admin user. So what I did for my main site.

So the problems of not having access to the “Public html” folder:

  • It is impossible for me to activate the debug mode of wordpress
  • I can’t remove the faulty wordpress plugin

By FTP access, the “Public html” folder has only 1 visible file (index.html)

I have been looking for a solution for days to no avail.

I would be really grateful if you could tell me the command to enter by ssh so that I can see and modify the entire “Public HTML” folder.

Thank’s :heart:

cd /path/to/folder
ls / dir / or any other related command.

But this is way out of the scope of hestia, you’re running a webserver here, this means you need to have a decent knowledge about sysadmin. Just because there is a tutorial showing to install on oracle cloud for free, doesnt mean, that it is a good idea at all… Also, Please read this, before you start!

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Thanks for the quick response. Faster than lightning!
I tried the syntax you suggested.
But my level is not brilliant enough to find the command that gives permission to the “admin” user to view the entire “Public html” folder in Hestia File manager .
I have been looking for a solution for days.

and both of these issues extremely easy to fix.

You can turn off all plugins with wp cli

How to install wp cli?

curl -O && chmod +x wp-cli.phar && mv wp-cli.phar /usr/local/bin/wp

how to fix problem of wordpress?

go to folder of wordpress via terminal / console

and write inside folder

wp plugin deactivate --all --allow-root

it will deactivate all plugins
and you will need to login to your admin panel via

and inside CP you can remove broken plugin.

  1. Using Putty/Bitwise…?
  2. Accessed to ssh as root.?
  3. Choose ‘New SFTP Window’
  4. On top address window , type as ‘/home/admin/web’
  5. You should see your web domains listed there
  6. Goto folder ‘Domain > public_html’
  7. You should see all your web files for that domain

You may also rename the plugins folder to something else

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