Website go Offline and Auto Online Again

Hello, I’m using Ubuntu with nginX-php-FPM, recently my Wordpress website going Offline and after some times (as like 5/10/20 minutes) its online again, but my php script website and normal html website still Online when Wordpress site gone Offline, what type of problem it is?

Check you server logs . We can’t debug any remote server…

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@Surjo seriously? but alright, I will tell you the answer to your problem, you only have to answer this first: I have a BMW with a diesel engine. The engine randomly stops working and after some times it works again. I can switch on the radio while it is not working, what type of problem is it?


@falzo that was a bit unnecessary. software forums should invite new users not drive them away…

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This is just a (in my point of view) clearly understandable reaction to what we request the user to have: sysadmin skills. That’s what Hestia is made for, a control panel which should help to automate some parts but not replace the knowledge. We state this clearly while you board the forum: Please read this, before you start!

In addition, @falzo also wrote a small writeup here: Ioncube step by step - #3 by falzo

So if you’re willing to ignore it, you also need to accept such an answer :slight_smile:.

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With out the correct information are not able to help. We don’t get paid for this and even if we get paid for this work. We are not able to help without the correct information. The issue could be 10 different things but working like this is calling my mechanic for my car and ask why my car doesn’t drive…

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I’ve checked server log, and found problem in database… Database connection timed out… :cry: :cry: :cry:

Its mysql database problem

@ScIT & @eris i agree with both of you in regards to the OP’s poorly worded / described problem/question. Just pointing out that you don’t need to ridicule a person for asking a question.
someone someplace once said there are no stupid questions just stupid answers.

Instead of complaining here might i make a suggestion? i see a few of these types of questions that is asked and ‘usually’ answered in a civil manner, i understand it gets tiring to remain civil when you have to constantly repeat your self… if you create a sticky that basically outlines what this forum is for and specific system admin questions will not be answered and just have everyone link to that thread when people have unrelated problems. This might help solve some of the hostility that can rise up due to frustration. just my 2p

while I in general agree with you, OP is not new to this forum.

besides that my point clearly was not even about him asking something, but the lack of information in that question.
‘it does not work - why?’ is never and nowhere gonna give you any answer to anything, hence the car analogy. and by the way: this also is the answer already to the initial problem described. it does not work because there are details missing. not only to the description but most likely also in his configuration/setup.

see, he now adds some information about database and a timeout being the problem. this narrows it down, but obviously is still far from being anything we or anyone else can help him with.
I also understand that there might be language barriers and such - still, if you need help you MUST BE informative, descriptive about what setup you have there, what you did already, which information you found in error message, logfiles and so on.

and you are right again: people continuing to ask for solving their problems without describing their problems are tiring and therefore receive a somewhat salty answer from time to time :man_shrugging::wink: