Websites on localhost

I have installed CP on my local development machine. How to make sites accessible locally? From localhost or The IP that CP picked up is my router IP, there are no sites on it. I need access to http: // localhost http: // localhost / phpmyadmin, chage IP to

Did you try to edit your hosts file?

These settings were after installation. Localhost is always bound to, but it is not possible to select in the panel. Sites are not responding.

I mean. Your web server is configured to serve the http petitions if it is asked to serve a domain.

You are trying to see localhost or which are not defined as website domains in Hestia so the webserver says that it can’t give you the website.

So in order to make it work, edit the hosts file in your computer to point the websites to the ip of the server you want to connect to.

That is.

This is in my hosts file:
But I am getting ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error when I try to visit site.
Because it points to my home IP, like And doesn’t work. You cannot add in the panel. I need to change IP to How to do it?

Currently there is no official way to do it, it just isnt the way how hestia is susposed to work :slight_smile:. If you want to setup a local development infra, I suggest you to use something like xampp ( You can still build up a testing structure on a vps, so you could use hestia alongside its whole features like let’s encrypt and so on.


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