Weekly admin password invalidization - what there could be a reason?

Hello there.
I’ve faced a strange issue with HestiaCP. I’ve set my admin pasword (using ssh “passwd” command). It has changed both the ssh user’s password and hestia web interface user’a password. But about once a week I find that my admin’s password became invalid. And I have to set it again with ssh “passwd” using rsa-key ssh access to my server (or using root password access as well).

So, I wonder what the hell is going on? Is this me doing smth wrong? Or is it some admin panel bug? Or maybe there are hackers army trying to steel the access to my priceless homepage :slight_smile:
What should I do to dig in to find out what the hell it is?

Thanx in advance for any clue.

Use v-change-user-password or the interface for changing a password, otherwise it gets reset during a user rebuild.


I never login via ssh with a valid hestia user. Good to know though.

oh… sems like it was me just not readnig a manual :slight_smile:
thanx a lot :slight_smile:

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