What are the system requirements? Can I install?

I am running a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server with 500 MB of memory and a 1GB swap file and a shared virtual CPU. Will I be able to install and adequately run the Hestia control panel? Or will it be too much of a load on the server? I think it won’t install with those specs or slow my server down significantly. Still, I am asking because I am unsure of the minimum system requirements.

I would suggest to use at least 1gb ram, but you can give it a try on 512mb.

depends also on the services you (want to) use. nginx+php-fpm, mysql, exim and dovecot should run fine together on 512MB. but you might want to pass on clamav, spamassassin and maybe apache. also if you make proper use of sftp you won’t need proftp/vsftap etc.

@falzo I am running a Wordpress site. So I am using Apache, MySQL and PHP. I am not familiar with the stack you suggest. I have only used LAMP in the past.

when you install hestia e.g. run the the setup command you can choose quite a lot of options to install or not. ofc you could go for a plain lamp-stack, which should work on 512 MB.
the things I mentioned like clamav and spamassassing are addong to the mail-stack which are ressource-hungry, so that would not be good choice. mail works without them anyway.

I suggest you read the list of options here: https://docs.hestiacp.com/getting_started/all_installation_options.html

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We are on 2020 all point to the virtualization, now we can find a lot of offer with good resources why take VPS with 512 or 1 GB of Ram, look in Contabo “https://contabo.com/?show=vps” the offered very good VPS a low cost, support is good, stability very good. we have more that 30 server with them.

@mmgnservices I am only running one site. And it is a free Google Cloud VPS with the only cost a fraction of a penny for Network usage. I have a low use site. I don’t need additional features at this time. You can’t beat the price of Free, which I am using.

I strongly advise to have atleast 2 GB RAM for anything wordpress related. Less than that you are always in fear of MySQL tripping every now and then. Traffic or size is important factor, but Wordpress triggers alot of background queries to MySQL depending on the plugins and functionality so it will always be risky.

Sure you can run this on 512mb of RAM… just keep things to bare minimum, check Crons (especially backup frequency) and make a small SWAP partition as MySQL is pesky about it. Good luck :slight_smile:

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