What DNS resolver do you use?

As title says. I also understand that spamhaus blocks certain public DNS. So what DNS do you use?

I use my own dns resolver (PowerDNS Recursor), but if you want to use a public dns resolver not blocked by Spamhaus (at least not yet) use ControlD public servers and

More info and other options here:

Do you host this on the same boxes as hestia?

Yes, I do

No conflict with bind?

I don’t use bind but if you don’t want to have conflicts, configure the dns resolver to listen on ip and conflict solved, or configure bind to be a dns resolver too and you don’t need to add any other software.

Just use Hetzner default en have bind installed

Have never hand an issue before

I only asked this question because i recently discovered that spamhaus doesn’t work if i use google DNS which is default for all my vps.

I use bind with the dns cluster setup, is it complicated to configure bind as the DNS resolver or will it have conflict with the cluster setup?

It should be already configured, just test it:

 dig @ hestiacp.com +short

If you see 3 ips then your bind is acting as dns resolver and you only will need to configure your system to use it (

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You are right. So if i updated the etc/resolv.conf file there is normally a primary and secondary DNS.

Do i just need to put the once or twice? or Just once and delete the secondary?

Just once or add too a secondary that works with Spamhaus like