What does "Load Average 1" mean?


Every evening, I receive an alert by e-mail:

Cron [email protected] sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-backup-users
2021-04-09 05:11:01 Load Average 1

Could you tell me more about the origin of this error? Has it corrupted my previous backups?

Also, how could I fix this?

I have looked at my server usage and only 50% of the RAM is being used…

Thank you for your help!

Load average 1 means 1 core at 100%

If your server has 8 cores you can handle up to 8 in load average.

Nothing to fix unless your webs were not being served or were slow

this is not an error but just a notification that at this point in time your server had a higher load and the backup process will wait for it to drop to not add to it. this is just a precautious measure because taking the backup is ressourece intensive reading/writing/archiving all the data but has a low priority so can wait for some minutes to be done when the system is rather idling.

if you get these notifications every time it might be worth looking into the general load on your system and if it would make sense to run the backups during another time…

I see. Thank you for your answer. It is already a consolation to know that my backups have not been corrupted.

I would just like one last clarification, to better understand. Here is what the Task Monitor displays on my panel:

Could you explain to me how I should read the alert I receive by email in this graphic? I specify that I get the alert every night so it’s probably not the big green spike in the middle.

Thank you!

sorry to say, but the graphic won’t be enough to clarify because it’s far from being granular enough to narrow it down to that time :wink:

also the LOAD of a system does not only depend on cpu power but also disk and network (which can make the cpu wait instead of working) and so on.
that said: it is important to understand that a ‘LOAD of 1’ is nothing bad in it itself and MUST be set into relation of system size and use case/regular workload.

maybe check the timestamps of the finished backups to simply find a later time to run your backups. could be that wordpress/magento/whateveryourun do their own backup/maintenance at the same time Hestia tries to run it’s stuff.
could also be that average LOAD 1 is rather normal for your system anyway (because it’s small or just a heavy page or slow disk/high iowait)

but without having any information about the ressources available on your system and what you run there, how busy your websites might be and so on, there is no real advise to be given but instead everything is wild guessing only. :man_shrugging:

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