What Hestia Docker Image have you tried?

Hi All,

I’m currently trying out GitHub - jhmaverick/hestiacp-docker: Dockerized Hestia Control Panel. I know hestia does not officially support this but I am still curious.
I’m just wondering if others here are trying out the same thing or maybe another image.

My question is, anyone else here has tried to put hestiacp on docker? And what is your favorite image?

Thanks a lot!


It is outdated:

This repository has been archived by the owner on Dec 15, 2022. It is now read-only.

Yes, noted on that being archived. But that was not my question.

I was simply just asking people here if anyone has done hestia on a docker and what is their preferred image source.

Thanks a lot!

Every docker image I have tried has issues with

  • Firewall / Fail2ban not working properly

And some other issues…

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