What is new in Hestiacp 1.30

Please mentioned what is new features coming in Hestiacp 1.30.

I want to try on a new VPS.

One thing more, I am using Hestiacp 1.23 on my VPS. Is it auto-update on the new version or manually update it?

1.3.0 hasn’t been released yet how ever


  • Users can now choose to point a domain to a different document root (similar to domain parking).
  • The software update procedure will now perform a system health check prior to installation and repair missing environment variables.
  • Administrators now have control over software update notifications through the following settings in $HESTIA/conf/hestia.conf and through the Control Panel web interface:
    • UPGRADE_SEND_EMAIL = Sends an email notification to admin email address
    • UPGRADE_SEND_EMAIL_LOG = Sends installation log output to admin email address
  • Upgrade process will now save logs to the hst_backups directory.
  • Support for removing backup remote location (#1083)
  • Add support Proftpd TLS Support
  • Add the possibility to assign user “Administrators” rights on login. Replaces “root” login. Notifications are only send towards the “admin” account email
  • Updated translations system with the use of Gettext. Modified / Updated all translated strings


  • Removed root login (root / root password )
  • Update apache2.conf replace Include with IncludeOptional (#1072)
  • Add ca-certificates, software-properties-common to the dependencies (#1073 + Forum ) @daniel-eder
  • Fixed issues with database port during backup when port was missing (#1068)
  • Postqresql: forbid the use of upper case (#1084) causing issues with backup / creating database or user
  • Fixed permissions email account during restore (#1114)
  • Create .npm on creating new user (#1113) @hahagu
  • Fixed Access to a website without a ssl certificate on https shows the content of the first, valid ssl website (#1103)
  • Fixed an issue when installing --with-debs and version check (#1110)
  • Improved Translations Chinese @myrevery
  • File manager create directory with proper permissions
  • Removed loop ad v-rebuild-all (#1096)
  • Add $restart flag to v-add-web-domain-backend call (#1094) (#797) @bright-soft
  • Fixed an issue with Restore Failed on Domains with Mail Setups using SSL (#1069)
  • Fixed an issue with PHPMyAdmin button (#1078)
  • Changed WordPress name in Webapp installer (#1074)
  • Add a free disk space validation during backup routine (#1115)
  • Removed PHP validation SSH keys allowing support other types then RSA / DSA
  • Fixed an issue which cause wrong password generation (#1184)
  • Fixed issue with v-add-sys-ip and saving the ip configuration to correct port (@madito)
  • Updated Exim black list for extensions (@kpapad904 / #1138)
  • Fixed multiple bugs due to translations
  • Fixed bug with passwords containing “’” Forum
  • Refactor LXD Complier script
  • Set default theme to “Dark”
  • Clean up gmail.tpl (DNS) (@madito)
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Thanks, It is a cool control panel after Vestacp.

Please update the file manager and change permission in it.

We can’t limmitatios of the current software it would mean a complete rewrite…

Sir, It seems that you did not understand my request or proposal.

In file manager, we are unable to change permission and edit the file. Vestacp file manger is providing these options too.

I think it is a great feature for the Hestiacp file manager.

I know

See https://github.com/filegator/filegator/issues/112