What is required to only install mailserver?


I’m looking at Hestia for receiving incoming emails without any spamfilters and keeping it as lightweight as possible. I will need roundcube.

Which strings are not needed? I know fail2ban uses a fair bit of RAM, but I think I’ll keep it. MySQL also uses a bit.

sudo bash hst-install.sh –apache yesphpfpm yes --multiphp no –vsftpd yes --proftpd no --named no –mysql yes --postgresql no –exim yesdovecot yes --sieve no --clamav no --spamassassin no –iptables yesfail2ban yes --quota no --api no –interactive yes

You don’t need this as its for FTP

This should be turned on, (Email antivirus)

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Thanks. Don’t need antivirus.

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apache is not required by default there is always nginx
vsftp = FTP not needed
mysql only if you want Roundcube

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