What is Sieve used for?

Hey guys, new here. Just want to know what sieve is used for? I installed SpamAssassin and ClamAV in my fresh installed server with hestiacp. I cam from cPanel server and thise works like charm but in hestiacp it seems like my emails are not work or receiving. I am looking at sieve. Is this a standalone mail security or an alrernative to SpamAssassin? or what. Thanks, Guys.

And hey how do we uninstall Sieve in case I need to? Thank you.

Sieve is for server side email filtering.

The possible uses are too numerous to describe in forum post, so I will give you one example and you can extrapolate from that.

You subscribe to a busy email list that makes your inbox hard to use becuase it’s always full. You make a folder for the email from the list. Then you configire a Sieve rule to move the list emails into the folder. Now you can use tour inbox again and easily find all of your list emails in their folder as they arrive.

I don’t recall the location of a particular tutorial siye that I rather liked and while I haven’t read through this one to have an opinion of it, I don’t want to leave you without any additional resource.

Thank you very much, man. How about removing the sieve module in hestia?

I dont know that adding and removing modules is supported once you have installedHestiaCP. You could always read the install script and see if you can undo the steps related to Sieve without breaking your server.

If you are providing email on that host, you should leave it installed so that people can use it.

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