What is the best WordPress cache plugin

I am just wondering if anyone has done testing with WordPress cache plugins? I am just looking for info on making my website perform the best it can. I am not sure if I need to use a Cache Plugin or not, and or if so what one works the best with Hestia. Any good info on this work be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, John

Incase of Nginx + Apache2 combination: “caching” template. I am able to have 2 / 3k users with any issue.

Incase of Nginx (Standalone) used (before Hestia) https://nl.wordpress.org/plugins/autoptimize/ and in the future Is there a way to integrate varnish in Hestia?

I don’t have to worry about traffic, I dont think I have ever had 10 peopel on my site at the same time. I am just talking about load time/speed.


Regarding speed, getting a plugin that combines all your css and js files is a good start for plugins. Autoptimize is a good one for doing that. I put a link below.

Otherwise, just enabling nginx caching like Eris said is probably the best solution aside from hours of tweaking config files.

I can recommend autoptimize as well, ideally take your time, to figure what the options are doing, and if you really want or need them.

for caching plugins I strongly believe there is no general recommendation to be made, as use cases can widely differ as well as caching techniques can be very different.

I am not a fan of static page caching and even less of using nginx caching, but that’s just me. instead I’d recommend to run redis and the small redis-cache drop in. try to avoid overloading your wordpress with unneeded plugins in the first place.

avoid sh*t that issues ajax request as much as possible, as this tends to get out of hand quickly for barely any benefit (shoutboxes, memberlists and any other self updating ‘live-data’ you think you need to display on your page)…

if you really want to use a caching plugin though, WP Fastest Cache works quite good for most general use cases, from what I remember…

Thank you. I will do some testing. and yes as far as nginx caching, I cant use that. I have some password protected areas on my webpage and they wont work if nginx cashing is enabled.