What is the difference between VestaCP and HestiaCP?

today I tried to install VestaCP for about 2 hours. It did not work, whatever I tried. Then I found HestiaCP, and it worked when I tried it once.

I saw, HestiaCP is a fork of VestaCP. It looks very similar. Some names seems different.

Are there any major differences I missed?

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Great question @kaca. We’re aiming to for Hestia to be a lightweight and modern control panel with a focus on design, quality, and reliability.

We will be supporting Debian and Ubuntu LTS releases, and plan to have different release paths available for those who want stable, beta, or nightly releases as we begin ramping up our development processes.

The overall interface is currently similar to Vesta, however in our upcoming 0.9.8-29 you will see a glimpse of the new interface that is in the works, with a more condensed view of information.

With our focus on being modern, we realize that a few key areas such as the mail stack could use some improvements and we are hard at work adding commonly requested features like CardDAV/CalDAV/ActiveSync support for Contacts/Calendar and push synchronization on mobile devices plus support in Outlook clients, an updated webmail client that brings this new functionality to an easy to use but powerful interface, and much more.

If you run into any issues or bugs, please submit them to our GitHub Issues page at https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/Issues.

Thanks for your question and if you have any others please feel free to ask at any time.

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Hi @kristankenney, thank you for the quick respond!

That sounds great! I am looking forward to see it.

Will you also add a default nginx config file for node.js applications, or at least some help how to do this?

I don’t use Vesta since a while but Hestia have security in mind such as2 examples I have in mind

  • Hestia have 2nd authentification by default
  • Restrict access to php-fpm by group

Also; Hestia seams more a teamwork than Vestia, I remember when serghey-rodin stop answering to almost anyone on almost any communication channel for few months, if I remember well, this is what give birth to Hestia :wink:

Good afternoon.

I am using from 3 years VestaCP and a few months ago I eared about HestiaCP. I have one question, do you sync your fork on github with VestaCP when there are some changes?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Gatsukito

No, we do not sync changes from Vesta, Hestia runs on it’s own since a few months.

Thanks you ScIT. You have a very interesting product.

First of all, please dont revive a 2 years old thread. Create a new one ane add all informations you got!