What is the point of using Nginx in front of Apache?

I have a single dedicated server running HestiaCP.

It seems that HestiaCP is running Nginx as a reverse proxy in front of
the Apache webserver.

Why ?

The only slight advantage maybe the caching of images - but since it is all
on the same server, does it make any real difference?

I can understand it may be advantageous if I have multiple apache servers running on a network.
But I only lease the one dedicated server.

Can the HestiaCP be set up to only use Apache2 as the webserver?

If so, where do I make the change?


and other files, it indeed improves the server performance.

No, apache2 only has been dropped since 1.4.x. If you hunt for speed, use nginx only with fpm.

Thanks for the reply.
How do I know which version of CP I am using?
Can I update the version from the CP itself?


Click on the gear icon that is next to the bell :bell: icon of your picture.

There you will see that you are running 1.15.x or 1.16

It is 1.6

In fact

So, if Apache2 has been dropped from 1.4 and I am on v1.6
why is it creating the Apache configs and proxy to apache server ?

As written, apache2 ONLY has been dropped.

OK - sorry for mis-understanding that .

There are quite a few benefits of running nginx in front of apache. I would sum them up as lower resource usage + speed + compatibility.

If you’re 100% certain that the sites you will host with Hestia don’t rely on .htaccess files (very usual), then go for a pure nginx only Hestia setup.


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