What script is triggered on user creation?

What script is triggered when I add a new user or new website through the dashboard? I want to make the script trigger my cloudflare dns record create script. This is so my subdomains are automatically handled in one centralized place.

Create a file same as package.tpl but as package.sh in /usr/local/hestia/data/packages/

Give it execution permissions

# Run template trigger
if [ -x "$HESTIA/data/packages/$package.sh" ]; then
	$HESTIA/data/packages/$package.sh "$user" "$email" "$name"
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So I should make a .tpl file and make it point to the .sh file?

If you create via Hestia → Package → New package with th name “test”

Create the .sh in $HESTIA/data/packages/ with the same name in this case “test.sh”


Personally it is probally is to do it on web domain creation

See here…

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like to do it on user creation because I want to regulate it to the username, this is going to a school system so I don’t want random subdomains on the domain

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Then the package method will work fine

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