What should I do if hestiacp (v1.8.11) is linked to dnsmgr and is not enabled by default?

  1. Linked to dnsmgr is not enabled in the panel settings.
  2. The https://frienddns.info:1500/dnsmgr I use cannot be achieved through v-add-remote-dns-host.
  3. The old version has this function, because the friendhosting server I am using now requires DNS integration.
  4. Thank you all for providing solutions, thank you!
    The old version has this function:

We never had support for DNSMGR so I have no idea where you talking about …

What about the check-in function?

This is how it should look when using the default Hestia

But mine is closed :joy:
How do I turn it on? Thanks for the help!

But we only support Hestia as backend not others…

I don’t understand what you mean! Did I download the wrong version? I downloaded and installed it from the official website. Why is yours turned on by default?
What should I do?

We never ever supported dnsmgr so if you used a custom version you need to look up what has changed. It goes out out support scope…

On this server I have DNS cluster enabled …

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