What will I miss out on switching to HestiaCP?

I use Bluehost for my hosting needs. It went from $60 to $260 a year. That’s not worth it anymore. The features I essentially use Bluehost for is basic web serving (nothing live/in production, mainly for trying lil’ projects out), SMTP for sending email notifications (both business and personal), a couple of IMAP mailboxes (business and personal) and numerous email forwards set up for those mailboxes. What features will I miss out on from big hosting providers like Bluehost if I migrate to self-hosting with HestiaCP (in a cloud VPS/VM)??

Can’t think of only one thing: port 25 for outgoing mail may be blocked in your new hosting environment, depending on the provider. If not blocked, it could be that the ip reputation on the new provider/setup is bad so your outgoing messages can be blocked or marked as spam by the recipients.

If port 25 blocked or if bad ip reputation, you can solve it by using an smtp email service.

If port 25 blocked or if bad ip reputation, you can solve it by using an smtp email service.

I would use an external SMTP service anyway, because emails sent from VPSs could easily end up in the spam folder, especially on big providers such as Gmail or Microsoft 365. Personally, I like using Mailgun, but there are many alternatives available.

More info is available in the official documentation of HestiaCP.

Welcome to use Hestia, I believe it can provide you with good service!

What you can miss is support… I don’t know what your knowledge is on Linux but that can be a thing. Of there is something not working properly you have to fix this by your self with maybe some help from the community.

Also you have to take care of backups. It is build in but backups on the same vps is no backup so you have to set this up correctly.

Hopefully this is helpful for you.

Your question in the title is in the wrong approach.
By using HestiaCP you will learn Linux Web hosting and be more professional with your clients.

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