What would be running .shtml page?


I had this working on my old server - but I can’t for the life of me remember what I did!

We have Apache + nginx setup via the install. It all works fine, except I can’t get SSI working. nginx should be running the .shtml files, right? (not Apache?)

My nginx config has:

    location / {

        ssi on;
        location ~* ^.+\.(jpeg|jpg|png|gif|bmp|ico|svg|tif|tiff|css|js|htm|ttf|otf|webp|woff|txt|csv|rtf|doc|docx|xls|xlsx|ppt|pptx|odf|odp|ods|odt|pdf|psd|ai|eot|eps|ps|zip|tar|tgz|gz|rar|bz2|7z|aac|m4a|mp3|mp4|ogg|wav|wma|3gp|avi|flv|m4v|mkv|mov|mpeg|mpg|wmv|exe|iso|dmg|swf|cfg)$ {
            root           /home/bhccwga/web/bhccwga.org/public_html;
            access_log     /var/log/apache2/domains/bhccwga.org.log combined;
            access_log     /var/log/apache2/domains/bhccwga.org.bytes bytes;
            expires        max;
            try_files      $uri @fallback;

So I would have expected the SSI to work? (it doesn’t - you just get the plain text)

Am I being dumb?

Did you enable the Apache module?

To check

apachectl -M | grep include

To enable

a2enmod include
(I think)

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OMG now I feel dumb. I assumed the .shtml pages were being processed via nginx, not Apache.

Enabling that module did the trick - and it works fine now. Thanks! :sunglasses:

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