What's your guild? (Hestia Users Poll 2020)

As HestiaCP community keeps growing every day, we would like to get to know you so that we can improve the way we communicate and to shape the technical documentation in a more appropriate way.

Please select below the skill set that describes you best. If none applies, please feel free to add a comment mentioning your special skills :smiley:.

  • Backend developer
  • Frontend designer
  • Wordpress developer
  • Sysadmin (beginner)
  • Sysadmin (senior)
  • Other

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Very good idea @Lupu to make this poll :+1:

Quick question: Where would the following sysadmin profile fit? Beginner/Senior/Other?
Sysadmin with 6 years experience supporting Linux Servers
Sysadmin with 20 years experience supporting Windows Servers & Clients


I would say Seniorโ€ฆ