Which is the best server Environment For HestiaCP

Hey HestaCP team i want to host video website Through Wordpress so Please help me setup. Which is the best server Setup For HestaCP Panel ?

Apache + Nginx + PHP FPM or

Nginx + PHP FPM

In which senario the website’s respose is fast and which one consumes low server resourses ?

nginx and fpm, without apache2 is fast and uses low ressources - but you will miss the ability to use .htaccess files and you need to set the right template for the software you’re using (like wordpress or similar).

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i am on intermediate level i can only tweek following a tutorial and executing commands on server .

How to set the template for the software? DO i need to make several changes from server side?

Is it easy to setup Nginx + Fpm only ? What do you recommend?

Thanks For your Fast response @ScIT

Nginx + FPM is easy and Wordpress has allready a template you can enable it in the edit web domain settings…

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Are you reffering to backend template as shown above? ( it was Apache + nginx + fpm setup i want to switch to nginx + fpm)

Thanks for your response @eris

Download this file:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/main/install/upgrade/manual/migrate_ngnix_apache_nginx-php-fpm.sh

And run it. You might need to run:
source /etc/hestiacp/hestia.conf first


Did’nt worked

No problem it was not a running website just setting up i will create a new droplet with nginx + fpm setup
just need to know which template are you referring to and which one i have to choose?

Is it necessary to include --with-debs with hestiaCP setup?

No … it is for testing only

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Can you please share which template i have to choose and will i have to make any changes after setting up Nginx+ FPM only environment . I am not a programmer will i face any difficulties further with this setup environment?

wordpress template is available by default

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@eris Hey Thanks for your reply Buddy. wordpress template is available by default. But i honestly don’t
know how to navigate is it web template or backend template or proxy template ? as shown in the above image ? if so which one i have to choose?

currently iam on edit web domains section . So which template are you referring to and which one i have to choose?

The proxy template is the nginx template.

I would suggest adding nginx to the user interface and change the order of the fields to: nginx - apache - fpm for more clarity.

I dont know how to do that @jlguerrero

Anyone Please Help me enable wordpress template

Make sure you run apache2 no no during install

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Thanks a Ton, @eris . As first setup of mine is with apache iam not able to navigate wordpress template as its not present in that setup . I have installed hetiacp on a new droplet with Nginx+FPM setup. My website is up and running . Thanks again to all who helped me

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