Whitelist Server IP for connect to SMTP

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I want to ask if anyone can help me hot to put my server ip at whitelist at hestia firewall beacuse is blocking connections to my Wordpress website that i send emails with SMTP.

I have Emails on Hestia panel And website on another panel.

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And edit:

Uncomment and add your IPs and or domains to the Whitelist

#ignoreip = subdomain.example.tld example.tld 333.333.333.333
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Hello i can add like this at the end?

ignoreip = example.tld

should i add other ip adn domains with space or new row? thanks


Replace it with your server ip… If you want multiple ips separate them with spaces

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Thank you very mutch :smiley:
Appriciate your help :smiley:

@eris Hi.
Is any way to disable this?
Is suggested ? Any problem ? And how i can disable not to be ban becaus ethe same thing again and again even if i did teh changes last for some houurs only :confused:

I have a website that send lot of automatic emails reset users enrollments and everything.

Check why it is not sending the email is it not the rate limit?

Increase it for the email account that sends it…

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