WHMCS auto install

Hello everyone. I have a question. It costs WHMCS billing, you need to automatically install the opencart engine when creating an order

I don’t understand your question, can you explain yourself a bit more?

when the client created an order through the vesta module, along with the tariff, the opencart engine was installed to the client for the hosting tariff

Still don’t understand what you’re trying to say…

I didn’t think it was so difficult to understand simple things

“simpel things”… If you think so, ok. If you want to get help, please try to give more information so it’s understandable - currently i have no idea what exactly you’re trying to do or what your issue is…

The query is not well understood, but for costs or support on WHCMS platforms or OpenCart you should look for them in their respective support centers.

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My abnormal brain does not understand where is the question.

“It” refers to what? A pronoun without context has no meaning for me.

This is a statement. You are saying that it is needed to automatically install opencart engine when an order is created.

I don’t see a question mark like this: :question:

Do you mean that you want hestiacp to fully support whmcs?

Do you mean that you want to use the API after an order is created to install opencart?

Do you mean something else?


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