Why can´t export the database?

I have more than 1GB mysql db. When click ZIP it and export then after a few seconds give me a blank page, no file. When click on “Quick” export, always download only 30MB…

(PHP settings: 350sec timeout, 768MB ram memory limit)

Check /var/log/apache2domains/domain.error.log

But personally I would suggest download backup via mysqldump and command line

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How see this from panel?
And why have a PHPmyadmin when can´t manage what I want?

Ubuntu 20.

Depends mostly on available memory, timeouts and database size. You can have a look at log over webinterface, but if you would like to use hestia, keep in mind that it is not a replacement for the shell or any sysadmin knowledge. Also it makes sense to do bigger exports and imports over mysql(dump).


The thing is that phpmyadmin can’t handle big SQL files.

If it takes too long it will abort.

Best method if it is not WordPress: mysqldump
Best method for WordPress: wp db import / wp db export
Other methods: use SQL splitter or hit refresh button when it gets stuck

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Okay then, the mysqldump how run with parameters?

please have a look at google, this are basic things.

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mysqldump database_name > filename.sql
mysqldump database_name < filename.sql

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