Why hestiacp only use 1gb memory?

I have 16gb memory. I see from stats hestiacp only use 1GB of memory everytime. So my database searhes is really slow. How to let hestiacp use more memory?

Hi @964f4c495c,
You can fine tune MariaDB according to your needs from Hestia settings.

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maybe its a good idea to make the installation autotune the mysql & php setting based on the hardware performance? Because many of us is not good at tuning the mysql.

Use MySQLTuner:

wget http://mysqltuner.pl/ -O mysqltuner.pl 
perl mysqltuner.pl

We already ship a basic tuned configuration based on the system ressources (low, mid, high) - additional tuning depends always on the use case itself.

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Hi, I have tried it. But it just gives what to do to optimize then we manually optimize the settings one by one. Not auto optimize the settings for us.

Is this how it works? Or am I missing something?

Exactly how it works. and also should :slight_smile:.

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Spoon-fed millennials :face_with_head_bandage:

Why hestiacp only use 1gb memory?
Because it isn’t bloated with stuff hardly anyone uses?


I just checked the source. Yes currently hestiacp uses: my-small.cnf, my-medium.cnf, my-large.cnf
Maybe we should add another level. Because default mariadb give 5 levels:

If you’re confident enough to assert that your database searches are slow because mysql has only been allocated 1Gb of memory, then you must understand mysql well enough to be able to pick one of the configs you list, and use it!
Hestia just gives you a starting point. Its up to you as system administrator to modify it so that it suits your needs. Every server will be different.


“Its up to you as system administrator to modify it”

This is the keyword. 1000 people will have 1000 different knowledge about system settings. Dont make assumption that all people knowledge about server is same like you. some people dont know anything about sql, some people is an expert of that. Why cpanel is so much used? Because its easy to use and understand, mostly just point and click. Even virtualmin which is used by server expert is also do automatic system setting optimization on installation based on hardware performance. So the user dont need to do most of the optimization manually.

true that, and essentially what @pluto already said as well.

however, that’s exactly why we always try to make people understand what Hestia is about. it is not competing with products like cPanel or the likes that try to replace a system administrator.

our goal is to be able to handle repetitive administration tasks in an easy way without being too much restricted in terms of still manually working and changing stuff on the system. that’s gonna be the drawback with cpanel for instance, you quickly loose the options to do custom stuff but are restricted to use just the options cpanel offers (or need addons or complicated workarounds)

or to explain it again on the example of mysql configuration: that’s no repetitive task at all, and esp. the default configs work for >90% of the cases, therefore not really something we put into the panel. you will have to find your own optimised settings and apply them. if you don’t know how to do that, I am afraid you simply need to do some research :man_shrugging:t2:

TL;DR; you are right, nobody can be an expert in all areas of system administration, HestiaCP however is not there to replace that knowledge. we instead expect you know how to manage a system already, if you want HestiaCP to be a good fit for you and help you with your daily administration tasks.


sorry but this is not how it works, you can’t just make assumption based on available memory, just take a look at mysql tunable parameters here, if it was that simple mysql/mariadb/perconadb would just do that automatically by default

if you need a quick fix increase innodb buffer size as explained here


Could you tell me where in the panel editing the MariaDB settings are located? I need to edit the InnoDB buffer pool size: 134217728 bytes setting on a domain.

Server->MariaDB->Advanced Options (https://hostname.com:8083/edit/server/mariadb)